There is a lot of talk about not having yearly pelvic exams and Pap smears going around, so I thought I would spell out some of the benefits of seeing your gynecologist yearly:

1) You can’t look in your vagina, so someone else has to!

2) Your gynecologist is more experienced than your general practitioner at identifying and treating abnormalities related to your reproductive system.

3) Your gynecologist doesn’t just do your Pap smear, we offer sexually transmitted disease screening, breast cancer screening, depression screening, osteoporosis screening as well as general health screening.

4) No one knows more about your contraceptive options than a gynecologist.

5) No one is more up to date concerning options for Hormone Replacement Therapy.

6) If you have more than one sexual a partner a year you are at increased risk of developing a precancerous lesion on your cervix due to your exposure to HPV – the virus that causes cervical cancer, and should probably screen yearly.

7) If you have had an abnormal pap smear EVER, you should not skip your pap smear.
Remember guidelines are written to address population as a WHOLE. Your gynecologist is trained to treat you as in INDIVIDUAL, personalizing your treatment to your particular situation.

Saima Jehangir, MD/MPH, FACOG Dr. Jehangir is dedicated to providing holistic care and protecting and maintaining the health and wellbeing of her patients' body, mind, and emotions. After earning a bachelor’s degree in zoology and a master’s degree in public health, Dr. Jehangir completed her medical degree at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

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