I found this blood pressure cuff at the Apple store. It takes your blood pressure and sends that information to an app on your cell phone. You can then either email or text that information directly to your doctor. You won’t even have to leave your couch to have a visit with your physician! Currently, this device is close to $100, but as the technology advances these devices will become more affordable. We are already incorporating technology (when appropriate) into our practice. You can make a telemedicine visit and discuss your healthcare concerns over Skype. As much as I enjoy spending time with you all in person, think how much time (and gas) we can save by utilizing technology.

Saima Jehangir, MD/MPH, FACOG Dr. Jehangir is dedicated to providing holistic care and protecting and maintaining the health and wellbeing of her patients' body, mind, and emotions. After earning a bachelor’s degree in zoology and a master’s degree in public health, Dr. Jehangir completed her medical degree at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

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