You know you have done it before.  Pretended you were asleep, made sure he ate/drank too much for dinner, fallen asleep in your child’s bed, had your children fall asleep in YOUR bed.  The disparity in the male vs female libido (desires to have sex) becomes glaringly obvious as we approach our late-30’s.  We blame it on our lack of sleep, our weight, our general fatigue, but the reality is that our testosterone levels are half of what they were in our 20s.

Societally, we view testosterone as a “ male “ hormone but the reality is that it plays an important role in female behavior as well.  Research has shown that women who receive testosterone replacement therapy either before or after menopause have an increase in sexual drive and response.

Testosterone levels drop naturally during the aging process but many of our commonly used medication can further affect the bio-availability of the little testosterone we are making.  Use of birth control pills and antidepressants can decrease a woman’s testosterone.  The end result is an epidemic of women with no libido.

With the recent release of the new female “Viagra “ medication, I felt the need to report what great experience I have had treating women with bio-identical testosterone.  Bio-identical testosterone is formulated to mimic exactly the hormones a woman would make naturally. Calculating the dose specific to each woman helps avoid unwanted side effects, the most common of which is increased hair growth and acne.

Having treated many women in my practice I can report that women are ecstatic at their increase in energy, increase in libido, and overall feeling of wellbeing.

If you feel you could benefit from testosterone please contact us at Lotus Gynecology, Health, and Wellness.  You will be glad you did!

Saima Jehangir, MD/MPH, FACOG Dr. Jehangir is dedicated to providing holistic care and protecting and maintaining the health and wellbeing of her patients' body, mind, and emotions. After earning a bachelor’s degree in zoology and a master’s degree in public health, Dr. Jehangir completed her medical degree at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

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