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Dr. Saima Jehangir offers comprehensive women’s health services to patients ranging from adolescence to postmenopause at Lotus Gynecology Health and Wellness in Austin, Texas. Patients have access to well-woman exams, pap smears, and other routine screenings with Dr. Jehangir. Call the offices today to schedule an appointment.

Women and Teen Health Q & A

What is included in women’s health?

Women’s health covers all of a woman’s health needs from general preventive care to screenings and services specific to a woman’s body. Most women’s health needs are addressed at an annual preventive care checkup called a well-woman appointment. During this appointment, Dr. Jehangir collects a patient’s vital signs and information including her weight, blood pressure, blood panels, and certain screenings specific to women’s health like a pap smear, breast exam, and pelvic exam. She takes time to talk to her patients about their lives, how they are feeling physically and emotionally, and uses this information to guide advice on changes that help to improve a patient’s well being. Dr. Jehangir knows that her patients are busy and tries to ensure that all patients are seen in a timely manner.

Why are women’s health services so important?

The annual well-woman exam is an opportunity to check in with your overall health and wellbeing. Dr. Jehangir believes that building a trusting relationship with a gynecologist is the cornerstone of preventive health care for women. When Dr. Jehangir knows you, she notices when your health and wellbeing has changed and has records to track any changes in the way you describe your health. These appointments are convenient times to have critical screenings such as pelvic exams, pap smears, and breast exams. Many of the conditions that affect the female reproductive system are symptomless in their early stages and screening is the only way to detect them in their early and more treatable stages.

When should teenagers start to have gynecological appointments?

Teen girls should have their first visit with a gynecologist between the ages of 13-15, although pelvic exams and pap smears are not required until the patient becomes sexually active, reaches the age of 21, or has a medical condition requiring the exams. It’s important for teenage girls to build relationships with gynecologists so that they have a trusted medical professional to ask questions about their bodies, sexuality, growing up, and more. Many teens may want to ask questions about their overall health, menstrual periods, birth control, sex, STDs, the emotional rollercoaster of adolescence, and even topics like smoking, drugs, and alcohol. Dr. Jehangir offers a comfortable practice where teens can learn about their bodies becoming comfortable and confident.