Genetic Testing

Genetic testing looks at your genes which are akin to “DNA instructions” you receive from your parents.

What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing looks at your genes which are akin to “DNA instructions” you receive from your parents. Genetic tests may identify risks of health problems, which can help you choose treatments or understand how you may respond to treatments.

What can I learn from testing?

Genetic testing tells you information about your DNA. Though genetic test results can be hard to understand, Dr. Jehangir can help explain the findings.

What are the pros of genetic testing?

It offers insight into your susceptibility to a specific disease. Uncertainty is lessened; often it’s most stressful to have suspicions about your risk and not knowing, than knowing more definitively. Additionally, the results can have you taking action sooner than later, and the best action at that. 

What are the cons? 

Not everyone is eligible. To get tested, a loved one must already have been affected by a disease or disorder. This is because doctors need to know what to test for, so family and clinical history must dictate when and where to focus attention. Doing this also prevents unnecessary anxiety for the patient.

Further, the results may trigger emotions: While finding out that a gene mutation is absent might offer a deep sense of relief, should a patient find out they carry a mutation, it can be disconcerting. Still, even in this scenario, most patients welcome the opportunity for early treatment and care.

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