Sexual Medicine

Sexual medicine pertains to human sexuality and the treatment of its disorders.

What is sexual medicine?

Sexual medicine pertains to human sexuality and the treatment of its disorders. It attempts to improve sexual health through prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. Should you have other medical conditions (or treatments for such conditions) their effects on sexual function and physical intimacy are also included in sexual medicine. 

Are women’s sexual problems common?

Very. In the US, nearly half of all post-pubertal women and the vast majority of peri- and post-menopausal women experience sexual symptoms that reduce their desire for physical intimacy. Oftentimes, this is due to the hormone fluctuations that women undergo, but there are other factors that can impact sexual health. Chronic illnesses and even the medications used to treat such conditions can interfere with sexual response. 

What are some common sexual problems?

Some common sexual problems include:  

  • Loss of sexual desire
  • Inability to become aroused 
  • Lack of orgasm 
  • Painful intercourse 
  • Chronic vulvar burning 

How does Lotus address such sexual problems? 

Dr. Jehangir takes a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to sexual medicine. Once she identifies the source of your symptoms, she designs a personalized care plan for your specific needs.  

What should I expect during my visit?

After sharing your concerns with Dr. Jehangir, she will conduct a thorough evaluation, which includes inventorizing your health history, medical and gynecologic exams, and an assessment of your sexual functioning. Because work, home and other lifestyle factors can affect intimacy, Dr. Jehangir will also ask questions about these aspects of your life. After careful review of the aforementioned, Dr. Jehangir will discuss possible treatment options. 

What are some of the types of treatments?

Sexual health treatments at Lotus are comprehensive. Dr. Jehangir takes a holistic, individualized approach; she’s not afraid to “step out of the box” when it comes to finding a solution for her patients. While some solutions may be medicational or nutritional, other treatments may require medical or surgical treatment, physical therapy, or a combination of therapeutic treatments. Dr. Jehangir will discuss with you all of your treatment options and will be extremely resourceful in finding you a solution to your problem.

We also provide the Orgasm Enhancing Shot through our sister practice, Alchemy Wellness. For women, the Orgasm Enhancing Shot can treat decreased sex drive, vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, and more. Call (512) 561-0971 to learn more about either treatment.

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